June 2012 My family and I are so happy that we chose Uniland Corp to build our family’s new home.

With several other parties in our area to compete on price and timing, I am sure we would have missed out if not for Cathie’s expert negotiation skills. She has been a pleasure to work with and has superb communication skills. She is able to communicate between the client and the builder and offer suggestions to help get the contract negotiated without any unnecessary drama. We definitely would not have had the confidence to take the steps needed, under such time pressure, without Cathie’s involvement. She has taken a lot of the major stress out of the building process, and that is absolutely invaluable.

Uniland Corp has been more than willing to create a beautiful home that meets the needs of our family within the budget that we need. They have excelled in understanding our needs and suggested innovative ideas to meet those needs. They allowed us to pick the upgraded features that we liked and add them to the elevation / floor plan that we could afford for a reasonable price that fell within our budget.

Working with Cathie and Rex to pick out our selections was a fantastic experience. They were patient, accommodating, and had wonderful suggestions for us when we asked for input. They helped us make decisions to create our beautiful home! Thanks to their professionalism and vote of confidence, we left there with 100% certainty that we made the right choices for our home.

We have interacted with the crew and they seem very responsive to our concerns and are excellent to work with. They provide high quality workmanship, and operate with high standards and integrity. The attention to detail that we have seen so far in the building process seems to be second to none. I have said to my husband after walking through our house that is currently in the construction process, “They seem to be building this house like it’s a piece of furniture, its absolutely beautiful!”

We are confident in recommending Uniland Corporation for your family’s new home.

The Beste Family

June 2013 Cathie was a wonderful Realtor. This was our first home and we were also building. We had no idea what to expect out of the experience, but Cathie was able to answer all our questions very quickly and help us understand the process. She made the process go very smoothly. We love our new home and are very glad we chose Cathie to work with.

The Groller family

May 2016 When my husband accepted a new job in Michigan we were in a hurry to find someplace to call our home.  Having a new job, relocating to a new town and being 6 months pregnant while house searching could have ended in disaster, but thankfully we found Cathie.  Cathie took us under her wing like we were just one of her kiddos and helped make this process so much easier.  When we wanted changes, or had questions, which was often, everyone happily answered in a timely manner.  The builders and Cathie worked diligently to ensure we would be in our new home by the time our little guy arrived and they have not disappointed us with the quality of care and workmanship that went into the home, even on such a tight deadline.  We just wanted to share a little of our story and say thank you to Cathie for making a home for our first child possible.  Thank you!

The James family